Heartfelt COVID-19 Project

Heartfelt, in collaboration with Mediscreen, a world renowned technology company powered by Artificial Intelligence, is introducing streamlined COVID-19 pre-screening services. No more lines. No more waiting on hold. No more unknowns. Log on and be pre-screened. Your results will be reviewed by a medical professional and appropriate recommendations given.

What is it?

  • A remote one-way video pre-screening service for anyone over 18 years old

  • Adults can access and complete the video pre-screening interview

  • First step to help medical professionals pre-screen

  • Available on mobile and desktop

  • Reports will be generated immediately and will be reviewed by a medical professional quickly

What is Required?

  • A smart phone or computer

  • An internet connection

  • A thermometer (ideal, but not mandatory)

What are the Benefits?

  • Can be done at home quickly

  • Minimizes health risks to yourselves, your family and healthcare workers

  • Totally confidential

  • Low cost

  • Reviewed by medical professionals for further recommendations

How Does it Work?

Complete an interview online, powered by AI. You will be asked to answer questions related to your current health status.

The system then aggregates your answers in a simple-to-review file for a doctor who then gives further recommendations.

Affiliated with medical professionals who are able to issue prescriptions for the test as they become more widely available.